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to you …

In Simple shit on October 29, 2013 at 23:57
M1, the Crab Nebula

M1, the Crab Nebula

Berlin, 30.10.2013

Dear You,

In a few moments now, it will be your birthday, a date that I was anxiously anticipating for a while now.

I often got carried away by my imagination picturing the day you were born, and seeing you as a beautiful child full of life with that breath-taking smile of yours,  you certainly remember the moments when I just stare at you, and you get shy trying to know what’s wrong. Well, I was just picturing my baby when she was a child.

I really wanted to offer you everything on your birthday, I even made a list of each little thing you made the slightest interest about. I desperately wanted to be the one offering you that sparkle in your eyes when you get a surprise.

I must confess, I did see the world, life, through you. Before that you knew the demons that I lived with, but hell, you are what you are…

We experienced a lot of life together. I wouldn’t take anything back…

I will remember every second of us, that smile, those eyes, everything…

Life was unfair to us, but at least it gave us a few brief moments of happiness.

I don’t want to go back to who’s wrong or right, and why it happened, or how we’ve could avoided what happened, that’s so irrelevant my beautiful…

I will not tell you that your strength and brilliance will get through the dark times, because I’m sure of it.

I simply wanted to wish you happy birthday…

I simply wanted to wish you happiness…

Sincerely yours,




Sympathy for the Devil

In Simple shit on February 12, 2011 at 06:46


Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m a man of wealth and taste

I’ve been around for a long, long year

Stole many a man’s soul and faith


I was around

When uncle sam

Stole the nation’s dream

And got away


I built the wall

Kept evil away

When hunger spoke to them

I was on my way


I took a buck or too

From what the sky gave

Shared my heavenly wisdom

Took it from a Pharaoh’s grave


So if you meet me

Have some courtesy

Have some sympathy, have some taste

Use all your well-learned politesse

Or I’ll lay your soul to waste


Pleased to meet you

Hope you guessed my name

But what’s confusing you

Is the nature of my game



PS: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is not coincidental, it is a direct translation of the twisted mind of the writer.

Joe the martyr

In Simple shit on February 11, 2011 at 05:16

Before January 15th, 2011 06h00

Joe Jr. is a 27-year-old man, he is the pride and joy of his retired father.He lives with him in a small two-bedroom house and he works in a restaurant that his father owns.His father Joe Sr, was a true believer in family values just like his father Joe Sr Sr, he married a nice girl that his mother chose for him when he was 20 and he had 6 children. Joe Sr.’s restaurant is in the heart of the city, a very popular place mostly frequented by bankers. He is famous for his Tuna Sandwich that he secretly kept the recipe hidden.

Every morning Joe wakes up at 6 am, gets ready in 15 minutes, kisses his father and goes to work. In his way he stops by the corner’s coffee shop, drinks his espresso and heads to work. That was Joe’s daily routine. Joe respected his routine. He does not believe in change and he hates messing up with his habits.

January 15th, 2011 06h00

Joe woke up and he got ready to follow his routine, but today something is changed, Joe’s country is going through some hard times, the angry people who demand freedom pushed the country’s president to escape. Joe is not feeling stable. But something is telling him that today will be a special day, he is meeting with his girlfriend Jane today and she promised him a nice surprise. Joe met Jane 4 months ago when she came to his restaurant to buy Joe’s famous Tuna Sandwich, the second he laid his eyes on her he fell in love. She was a shy sweet girl, with long dark hair and big brown eyes, exactly what Joe likes. After serving her with an extra special sandwich, Joe asked Jane for her number, and they have been together for 4 months now.

Like his peers, Joe was always trying to get close with Jane, touching her hands, hugging her and even trying to kiss her, But Jane was a very shy girl, she always tell him to wait until marriage which often pissed Joe Off.

Joe counted the seconds, but the day was Awkward: people running everywhere, gun shots and screams, the air smelled funny, everything was bizarre. Joe asked the owner of the coffee shop next to his restaurant and apparently some armed militias are going crazy shooting and killing civilians. Joe was a little bit disturbed hearing that but he quickly convinced himself that this kind of stuff only happens to other people, people who practice politics.

Joe never understood politics, he thinks of it as a complicated fancy thing that rich college kids spend their time practicing. For him the most important thing was to work hard in order to collect enough money to marry his sweetheart Jane and start a family with her.

6 pm sharp Joe finished his work, closed his restaurant and went to his much anticipated rendez-vous with Jane. He had to take a different way to get to the garden where he used to meet with his sweetheart because the roads were blocked by some youngsters who claimed to protect their houses from the evil militias, but whatever, Joe doesn’t believe in this mumbo Jumbo, Joe is a lover not a fighter.

Joe Got to the meeting place and he found Jane waiting for him, she was glowing, beautiful, sensational.. The minutes went by and the two love birds forgot about everything else.. They have always been great together but today it was extra special.. Jane was very tender and extra caring..

At the end of their date Joe went for the kiss, like he always does, and he secretly knew that she was going to reject him as always, but no.. Jane didn’t put her hand on his mouth today, she close her eyes..

Joe couldn’t believe his eyes, Jane is willing to kiss him, He is finally getting what he worked for. He passes his fingers in her hair and slowly moves towards her.He tries to hide his stress but his shaking hand exposed him. He is almost there, he can feel Jane breathing, He is almost touching her lips..

BOOM BOOM BOOM .. what happened .. Joe fell down .. He was shot in the head .. His blood is all over Jane .. His brain is on the street .. Jane is screaming .. She went Crazy ..what happened !

One of the militias shot Joe in the head because he was in his way .. the first time Joe’s timing was bad..

Seconds after that, hundreds of people came to see the horrifying scene.. One of them screamed : HE IS A MARTYR.. HE DIED FOR HIS COUNTRY.. HE DIED FOR FREEDOM ..GOD BLESS THE MARTYR..GOD BLESS THE MARTYR..

God bless the martyr, he is going to heaven, and I mean Straight to heaven, He is on a highway to Heaven !

PS: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is not coincidental, it is a direct translation of the twisted mind of the writer.

Politics for Dummies : A guide for the recently free

In Simple shit on February 10, 2011 at 03:25

Do you feel an outcast whenever politics are brought to discussion ?

Have you lived under the ruling of a dictator for most of your life, and now that you are free you do not know how to react ?

Do you feel passive and without an opinion regarding what is happening in your recently free country ?

Do you feel an urgent need to think about yourself despite the degrading situation in your country ?

Politics for dummies will help you get a quick, direct and crash course into politics. we will help you get in the vibe of what is happening in you country and we will assist you to adopt the slogans of the revolution and integrate them into your small talks with your colleagues at work, your wife, your kids and your friends in Facebook.

We will train you to hide your true egoist self and to fake that you care about others and you root for freedom and democracy.

With Politics for dummies you don’t have to make the effort of thinking for yourself, we will do that for you, we will tell you what your country needs, we will also tell you how to interpret the events surrounding the revolution.

Politics for dummies is the only way to distinguish between sincere patriots, and dirty acts of politics. For example If you have  trouble to tell if a much feared “God’s man” who suddenly became pleasant is really ready to play the democracy game or he is just faking that, and if a four-eyed Voltaire’s lover is really feeling the people’s pain to the point that he got to the source of the revolution the minute his feet touched the ground.

If you have trouble to understand the ideas of some very old man who is supposed to spread the words of your people in the surrounding countries but instead of that you get a mumbling confused Grandpa we will tell you that he simply lacks the intellectual and political level needed to give a deeper understanding of the situation.

Politics for dummies is the ultimate guide for explaining that the majority of the new faces that you see on TV every day were willing to get a piece of the cake but they never got the opportunity to do so, and now they are using the “working man’s ” revolution to satisfy an incurable greed.

If you are wondering where were all of the angry opposing voices during the rule of the dictator Politics for dummies will tell you that they were perfectly happy with their previous situations and we will explain to you how these pseudo-politicians refuse to understand that the degree of conscience has changed and they will have to come with much smarter tricks to fool the people and that they must get out of the colorful virtual space that the dictator made for them.

Politics for dummies is the only tool to think for you, tell you who to follow, how to become cool by adopting the revolution and how to hide you despicable self.

All of the above for the incredible price of 19,99 (and if you order today you will get  a great selection of slogans to integrate into your discussions for free).

PS: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is not coincidental, it is a direct translation of the twisted mind of the writer.