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Politics for Dummies : A guide for the recently free

In Simple shit on February 10, 2011 at 03:25

Do you feel an outcast whenever politics are brought to discussion ?

Have you lived under the ruling of a dictator for most of your life, and now that you are free you do not know how to react ?

Do you feel passive and without an opinion regarding what is happening in your recently free country ?

Do you feel an urgent need to think about yourself despite the degrading situation in your country ?

Politics for dummies will help you get a quick, direct and crash course into politics. we will help you get in the vibe of what is happening in you country and we will assist you to adopt the slogans of the revolution and integrate them into your small talks with your colleagues at work, your wife, your kids and your friends in Facebook.

We will train you to hide your true egoist self and to fake that you care about others and you root for freedom and democracy.

With Politics for dummies you don’t have to make the effort of thinking for yourself, we will do that for you, we will tell you what your country needs, we will also tell you how to interpret the events surrounding the revolution.

Politics for dummies is the only way to distinguish between sincere patriots, and dirty acts of politics. For example If you have  trouble to tell if a much feared “God’s man” who suddenly became pleasant is really ready to play the democracy game or he is just faking that, and if a four-eyed Voltaire’s lover is really feeling the people’s pain to the point that he got to the source of the revolution the minute his feet touched the ground.

If you have trouble to understand the ideas of some very old man who is supposed to spread the words of your people in the surrounding countries but instead of that you get a mumbling confused Grandpa we will tell you that he simply lacks the intellectual and political level needed to give a deeper understanding of the situation.

Politics for dummies is the ultimate guide for explaining that the majority of the new faces that you see on TV every day were willing to get a piece of the cake but they never got the opportunity to do so, and now they are using the “working man’s ” revolution to satisfy an incurable greed.

If you are wondering where were all of the angry opposing voices during the rule of the dictator Politics for dummies will tell you that they were perfectly happy with their previous situations and we will explain to you how these pseudo-politicians refuse to understand that the degree of conscience has changed and they will have to come with much smarter tricks to fool the people and that they must get out of the colorful virtual space that the dictator made for them.

Politics for dummies is the only tool to think for you, tell you who to follow, how to become cool by adopting the revolution and how to hide you despicable self.

All of the above for the incredible price of 19,99 (and if you order today you will get  a great selection of slogans to integrate into your discussions for free).

PS: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is not coincidental, it is a direct translation of the twisted mind of the writer.

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